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- Частные перелеты на мероприятия

Events and the flight provision

Every year a range of important events are held in the world and people of various occupations, art lovers or just travel enthusiasts are eager to visit them. All these occasions gathering the hundreds of thousands of people are called events nowadays. The most significant events are held in large cities that are easier to reach by air.

The French Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) air broker provides individual flights by business jets as well as charter flights to any event. These can include large-scale conferences, international expositions, and festivals in the field of culture and tourism, concerts, fashion shows, medical forums, significant celebrations. Over 4 thousands of large-scale events are scheduled this year. If you would like to attend

  • Festival international du film de Cannes,
  • Sziget Music Festival, Budapest,
  • Sónar Festival (digital culture phenomenon), Barcelona,
  • Avantex Paris: High-tech and Innovative Textile Trade Fair, Paris,
  • Cannes Yachting Festival,
  • Vancouver International Wine Festival,
  • Eat & Style, Stuttgart,
  • International Holidays, Sports and Leisure Exhibition Fespo, Zurich,
  • International Trade Show and Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Congress Arab Health, Dubai,
  • Lotus Lantern Festival, Seoul,
  • International Exhibition for Professional Cosmetics and Beauty Salon Equipment INTERCHARM Professional, Saint Petersburg

and many other events, just contact Aviav TM. The visit to any event can be arranged on a turnkey basis. All you need to do is to find time to discuss details with the Cofrance SARL manager. The Company will do the rest for you.

Aviav TM shall perform the following assignments

  1. Ticket booking or arrangement of invitations to a desired event.
  2. Obtainment of a visa to the event-holding country.
  3. Execution of a travel insurance policy.
  4. Ticket booking to a private jet.
  5. Hotel, apartment or villa booking.
  6. Transfer within a destination city (airport – hotel, hotel – event location).
  7. Interpreting services.

The services provided by the air broker comply with the high-quality ISO standards and are subject to confidentiality restrictions.

Five reasons to fly by a private jet

One of the activities of Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) is provision of private flights to events. The advantages of individual flights are obvious:

  1. Customer-accepted flight timing.
  2. You fly in the company of friends or alone.
  3. You can choose an aircraft.
  4. No connecting flights.
  5. Aviav TM ensures comfort and 100% safety.

If the point 3 seems quite strange to you, then you most probably have not flown by a private jet yet. Many VIP-clients of Cofrance SARL highly appreciate this possibility and choose an aircraft according to their requirements. You can choose an aircraft or a helicopter from the Aviav TM global database . The on-board catering, TV broadcasting or working environment (if you are flying to participate in conference) if agreed in advance.


Why should you opt for Aviav TM?

The advantages of our Company have grounds – actual achievements and thankful customer feedback. The first include the following:

  • 10 years of event flights,
  • operating offices in the largest cities worldwide (direct dial numbers),
  • membership in EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) and NBAA (National Business Aviation Association),
  • compliance with the highest safety standards in accordance with the effective programs of Wyvern Ltd. and ARGUS International,
  • large database of aircrafts and helicopters for private chartering,
  • partner relationships with the world-class airlines,
  • best options for aircraft booking – special web-site, iPhone application and a callback request.

Based on the responses of those who have already used aviabroker Aviav TM services, the following statements about the Company are true:

  • Cofrance SARL operates promptly, clearly, transparently,
  • the air broker does not apply extra charges for the flights,
  • you can remotely discuss the service provision,
  • Company employs aviation lawyers,
  • comfort maintenance from boarding to arrival; assistance in airport procedures,
  • financial reporting.

Thus, if you plan to visit a popular event, contact Aviav TM right now. You’d better take it slow, consider and agree every step. But if you fly in several hours or the next day, it is practical as well. Professional assistance by Aviav TM (Cofrance SARL) is distinguished by promptness and successful solution of any flight-related issues.

Choose events and be in the hot seat!